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Graduate Cities Consultant at Buro Happold🏙️

Ghana-Born 🌍, Baltimore-Raised 🦀, LA-Based 🌴 | he/him

Hi everyone, my name is Awoe (ah-way). I am a 25-year-old urban systems engineer playing my part in transforming the world as we know it. I graduated from Johns Hopkins University with my BS in Civil Engineering and then Stanford University with my MS in Sustainable Design and Construction. I am passionate about the intersection between the built environment, public health, and social justice. I believe the built environment has the power to strengthen communities by making them more accessible. With that, decades of systematic and structural racism are embedded in policies that enforce the built environment's design around us. These policies accentuate the social determinants that dictate people's well-being in our world. With climate change's hazards upon us, these disparities WILL be further exaggerated, leaving the most vulnerable suffering the most significant burden. I am on a journey to radically revolutionize the world as we know it for a truly equitable and accessible world for all people.

My Favorites (2022)

My favorite consumed content from 2023 (so far) are:

- Poverty x Matthew Desmond
- Freedom is a constant struggle x Angela Davis e Cornel West
- Saving Us x Katherine Hayhoe
Podcast Series🎧:
- Arseblog 20
- The Bible in a Year

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